Rocking Social Media to Obtain Your Dream Job

Social media has flipped the world upside down over the past decade. With the introduction of some of the most prominent social apps of our time, being the likes of Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, etc, the ways in which we are able to communicate with one another has vastly heightened. However, this is not the only practical use of these platforms anymore. If used correctly, in association with implementing the right tactics, these platforms have the capability of helping individuals build an empire and solidify themselves as a force to be reckoned with.

Collectively, let’s look upon the YouTube community. Majority of the modern-day vloggers started out as just regular people, like you and me, but have now cemented themselves within their respective industry through their cunning implementation of social media tactics. Take Zoe Sugg for example, better known by her online personality, Zoella. In early 2009, the online sensation created her YouTube account while working as an apprentice interior designer. The channel consisted of mostly of fashion tips, beauty hauls and her signature “favourite” videos, in association with her weekly vlogs. The channel rose to immense success, gaining notable exposure around the globe – securing a commendable 10 million followers to date. Sugg now boasts a successful skin care/make-up range to her name, as well as being a New York Times best selling author with her novel series, Girl Online.

On the other end of the spectrum, we have Jim Chapman. Much like Zoella, beginning his online ventures in 2010, his career and social presence has since skyrocketed. Initially composing his YouTube page around the topics of pop culture, men’s fashion and daily vlogging, Chapman has successfully expanded out into mainstream media channels. Now a prominent figure in British television, Chapman regularly works as red carpet correspondent for UK film premieres, as well as working alongside the BBC to produce documentary features centred on the lifestyles of online influencers. Chapman now claims a monthly contributor position for British GQ Magazine, publishing his own sections around men’s fashion, while also holding a position upon the British Fashion Council.

Although being regarded as a fluke by some, it is undeniable that these individuals have created an empire through the use of social media. By employing the proper tactics, such as listening to audiences, offering something of value, building relationships and being consistent, they have solidified a career of consistent achievement across all platforms. Despite still being a platform clouded with judgement, social media is the modern-day success story capable of building the path between dreams and reality.

For a little in sight into the lives of these individuals, here’s a clip of Zoella and Jim playing the whisper challenge!


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