Influencer Marketing: Why Every Business Needs A Strategy

In this day and age, using celebrities to endorse products has become a new norm for the modern-day marketing industry. From once being such a ridiculed idea, to now one of the most prominent practices in the industry, celebrity endorsements are slowly beginning to take over the world of marketing. Whether it be scrolling through Facebook, or turning on the television, we are faced with these Hollywood endorsements everywhere we look.

A celebrity has the capability to increase a brands growth, sales and cement its place as a key company within the market – all through endorsing one measly product. These glorified individuals instantaneously provide the brand with a sense of credibility to their public, which in turn causes a rise of attraction from the consumer market. Having these celebrities throw their names upon certain products causes publics to develop a significant attachment to the item being endorsed. Whether it be from a teenage girl seeing her favourite pop star plastered over a make-up brand, or a sporting legend associated with a particular brand, having these individuals attached to a certain product works to influence the surrounding public. Research has revealed that individuals tend to replicate the lifestyles of celebrities they admire most, which in turn leads them to purchasing the products being marketed.

kTake the Kardashians for example; if you scroll through any of their Instagram profiles you will notice how often they are endorsing products upon their social media platforms. Companies are aware of the mass following these girls have generated, so are constantly battling it out to have their product featured upon one of these pages. Kourtney, for example, continuously works alongside FitTea posting about their latest and greatest products on her page. In turn, the profit of the company lifted 39% over the span of 6 months. On the other hand, Kylie is very much affiliated with Daniel Wellington Watches, regularly posting discount codes for her followers to get her “favourite” watches. Again, due to this the profitability of the company lifted over the span of time she was endorsing their products.

Aligning brand image so closely with celebrities can be immensely valuable across all platforms. It can quite literally be the difference between making or breaking a company. As the great Aristotle once said, “Any brand can get a celebrity – that’s easy. But getting a celebrity consistent with the right brand… that is not easy”.


One thought on “Influencer Marketing: Why Every Business Needs A Strategy

  1. Interesting article, I think it’s important to stress how brands are utilize celebrities social media accounts as opposed to traditional celebrity advertisements to win people over.


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