Hashtag Love

As of late, companies are starting to jump on the social media bandwagon and implement a number of tactics to increase their brand awareness. Using strategies along the likings of competitor awareness, audience research, prime posting times, but more predominantly hash-tag strategies, these companies are beginning to take the social media platforms by storm. Hash-tags, specifically, are implemented very cunningly to market the brand, and gain promotion across all areas.

These hash-tags can be separated into three categories: brand, campaign and content. Brand hash-tags are more like a tagline that individuals will know, and associate with your company. It should be very unique to your company, while being short and sweet, and easy to spell. An example of this was used by the worldwide company KitKat – using the #HaveABreak. This was a slogan plastered across all of their official sites, which consequently led to their consumers knowing this as their brand slogan.

Campaign, on the opposite hand, implements the title of your current marketing campaign. This type of hashtag should again be a word or phrase that is extremely unique to the short-term promotion or contest. This tactic promotes the campaign hashtag as a method for customers to engage with you, your brand/company and a variety of fellow customers throughout the duration of the promotional offer. Exposure on this tactic can be maximised by ensuring that the hashtag is required on all entries into a competition being held, therefore having it become seen across all social media platforms.

Finally brands can apply a content hashtag to branch out exposure also. This kind of hashtag is one a company would use in their own post to maximise visibility of the post. They are not branded, or necessarily trending in popularity, they are simply hashtags relating to the content of the post. These tags improve the SEO of your posts and allow updates to be seen more frequently. For example, if working in a coffee shop and posting a picture of one of your products, you would #latte onto the picture in attempts to bring in more exposure to your post.

If used properly, and on a regular basis, these hashtags have the capability of branding your business and marketing campaigns, while expanding the overall reach of the content updates being made by the business. Personally, if I could, this is a bandwagon I would definitely be jumping on.


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