Has Our Internet Obsession Destroyed Our Sense Of Privacy?

Privacy: the ability of an individual or group to seclude themselves, or information about themselves, and thereby express themselves selectively. Once a definition that held so much meaning, but now in a prominent contemporary society, has lost all that it once encompassed

In our current reality, every time we log into Facebook there is the ability to see exactly where a person is posting. We are forced into reading all the intimate details of a romantic break up, because people see these social platforms as a form of therapy rather than a communication form. Swap; log onto Instagram, what do you come across? Pictures of what your friends are having for lunch. Individuals are beginning to lose sight of what the purposes of these platforms are, and in turn slowly corrupt any sense of privacy left within our world. That being said, is just a personal look upon the issue, think of the corporate damage that this lack of privacy could inflict onto the business/professional world.

Recent studies show that 60% of current employers use social media platforms to screen potential job candidates. More than half of the companies in the world will take the time to scroll through an individual’s social page before even considering offering them an interview. Why do professionals go to such extensive lengths you may wonder? To find out whom you truly are as a person, outside of the workplace. Hiring managers will very quickly determine your online footprint, and begin to make assumptions about you based upon what they find on your Facebook page, Instagram profile or simply by googling your name.

The main traits, or content that turns employees off, are as followed:

  • Provocative/inappropriate photographs, videos or information
  • Information about candidate drinking or using illegal substances
  • Discrimitory comments related to race, religion, gender, etc.
  • Bad-mouthing previous employers or fellow employees
  • Poor communication skills

Although at the time reposting that Facebook post that made you laugh, or uploading that picture from your night out over the weekend may seem harmless, the consequences are undetermined. The need for individuals within society to comprehend that everything they publicly share upon social media has the capability of impacting their professional standing within the corporate world, and could in fact jeopardise their entire career ambitions.

If I could offer any advice to help with the situation: think before you post. Don’t throw away your career for a few Facebook likes.


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