Energising Your Celebrity Social Media Strategy

As a brand, it may become a little overwhelming managing a variety of social media channels, users and varying audiences. A challenging task to say the least if you have tens of thousands of followers on each individual network. However, what about those who cater to millions of followers across their platforms? We would be lying if we said we each did not follow at least one celebrity on a social platform. Due to this, celebrity social media management becomes a much larger importance.

Just like brands, celebrities have a reputation and online presence to uphold in attempts to increase and maximise their audiences. Once these individuals reach a certain audience size, the mammoth following becomes a prime location to market new movies, music or personal agendas. In order to do this, these celebrities must behold a powerful social voice in order to keep followers coming back for more content. As smart phone users are estimated to check their devices roughly 150 times a day, fresh and exiting posts are crucial. Whether it is reading through Britney’s tweets, looking through Justin Bieber’s attempted skateboarding on Instagram or Kylie Jenner’s snapchats, these celebrities have an eye when it comes to content.

Celebrity social media is so popular due to the engagement exchanged with fans. Audiences come to these pages to obtain a sneak peak into these lives, but also for a chance to communicate – this means it is vital to engage with fans on occasion. Taylor Swift is a prime example of this, responding to her fans, friends and fellow musicians across all social platforms. Swift has gained fan accounts dedicated to regramming conversations the songstress has had with her fans over Twitter direct message.

In order to market new products and/or projects, these celebrities must determine which platform will work best in their favour. For example, the largest followings for each network are:

  • Twitter: Katy Perry with more than 85 million followers
  • Instagram: Selena Gomez with more than 92 million followers
  • Snapchat: Kylie Jenner with more than 30 million followers

As there is a different celebrity ruling each platform, it shows that celebrities must consider social media demographics when building out to audiences. In saying this, these individuals must not use these platforms solely for advertisement, but need to let their fans into their lives. Whether it be sending positive messages, personal photos or glimpse into your own life – this is how audiences are kept coming back for more.

As much as we doubt it, celebrity social media management beholds a lot more consideration and thought then we consider.

Watch Selena delve into the meaning behind her highly followed Instagram profile and pictures!


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