Celebrity Feuds: The New Way of Maintaing Relevance

Since the dawn of social media, Twitter has become a prominent outlet for celebrities to promote new projects they have been working on, connect with fans, and as of late – feud with their fellow celebrities. Even with a limit of 140 characters, when emotions run high and fingers begin to fly free, some heated disagreements come to light. Azealia Banks gets angry – again. Some of pop-music royalty could not find the harmonies with one another. Oh, and like always, there was some Kardashian drama that we struggled to “keep up” with. Being such a prominent occurrence as of late though, by almost everybody in Hollywood, are these feuds genuine? Or is this an act to continually stay within the limelight?

In 2015, Nicki Minaj’s internet-stopping “Anaconda” music video lacked a nomination for Video of the Year at the VMAs. What do you do when your video is overseen? You start a twitter feud in protest. “If your video celebrates women with very slim bod
ies, you will be nominated for vid of the year” tweeted out the hip-hop artist. Taylor Swift, who did receive a nomination for her Bad Blood video, took the tweet as an intentional diss and began responding to the remarks. The songstress took to the platform, tweeting that “I’ve done nothing but love &support you. It’s unlike you to put women against each other. Maybe one of the men took your slot.” With a string of back-and-forth tweets, the two eventually settled the argument with Swift admitting to her mistakes of reacting to the initial tweet. This “feud” is one that could be deemed more staged than most, as the pair ended up on stage with one another performing at the said music awards. Coincidence? I believe not.

Whether these feuds are staged or not we will never know – however, they are cleverly timed by the celebrities. New single about to be released? Feud. New movie? Feud. Popularity and exposure slowly starting to deteriorate? Feud. These instances are tactics in themselves, catapulting the profile of those feuding back into the tabloids, twitter-sphere and elevating their fame status. Commercial gain is necessary within Hollywood, so when all else is failing, start a twitter feud.

These individuals of power need to utilise their voices to raise awareness on the important issues going on within the world, not having petty arguments over such minimalistic problems.

Watch the two songstresses perform together after their alleged feud, and you be the judge as to whether it was real or staged.


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